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Legal Seagull | Brighton Legal – modern web design

Brighton Legal are an innovative Brighton-based legal consultancy, created to provide an alternative to the traditional law firm. They wanted a simple, clean and modern-looking site that reflected their position as a new approachable option for legal advice in Brighton and the surrounding area.

Illuminating | new web and logo design for EEC

Elite Electrical Contractor wanted a simple, brochure style website and logo design. We initially created their logo, developing over several stages. The website design was then created on our development server. After we’d got approval on the overall design, we created the additional pages, applied some relevant SEO elements and put the site live. EEC wasn’t able to provide many images, so we sourced and adapted library images to create sliders and header images.

Self-service | Hosted managed CMS WordPress sites

Self-service WordPress websites is a new service we can provide. We appreciate that many people want to have full control over the content and style of their websites. However, they may not want the hassle of installing the content management system, theme, organise the hosting and security management of their site. We also include a suite of useful plugins such as security and image optimisation tools.

Going with the grain | Website Design Refresh

Stoneham Bakehouse is a Community Supported Bakery which has established itself in the Poets Corner area of Brighton and Hove. They've just acquired a permanent location and to coincide with this and an imminent crowdfunding project, wanted to address some design and functionality issues with their old site.

WAM! (Wigs and Make up Studio) website design

Website DesignWAM wanted to develop a vibrant identity. With their website, they wanted to communicate the exciting nature of the industry but also the friendly and nurturing nature of their fledgeling business. The turnaround time was tight on the website design and...

Website Security

No website is ever 100% secure but Brighton Website Design put in place a number of measures to give improved security over many other websites. For the websites that we host, we use a management tool that alerts us to any out-of-date installations and allows us to update all our hosted websites from one place. We do this at least once a week so that any known vulnerabilities to the core of the site or any plugins are addressed quickly.



#WeHaveWays there was a pub in Hove called the Noble Inn (now The Garden Bar) It was named after Sgt Dennis Noble who was shot down in his Hurricane & crashed near the pub’s location. He remained buried with his plane until 1996 (his coffin found to be buried containing bricks)
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