Web Design Services

The four sections below outline the features and processes involved in creating our client’s websites

We’ll create a bespoke design for you

create website design

We can create the full look and feel of your website. This can include logo design, brand themes and colours, copy, illustrations and photography. We’ll talk through your requirements, your likes and dislikes and create website design based on this. We can build a site that reflects your existing brand or develop new styles. If you know what you want we can facilitate this, but if you don’t, we can show you some new ideas and options. We’ll also talk through what your website needs to offer, be it simply and information-based site or whether it require more functionality such as booking or ordering. Ultimately, we’ll aim to create a website that you’re proud to promote and comfortable using.

Providing you tools to analyse and understand your site visitors

webs design analyse

Understanding who’s visiting your site, from where, for how long and at what time can be important in better understanding your business or organisation. For example, you may have just placed some advertising, relaunched your identity or created a promotional offer. Knowing how your customers react to these events or just wanting to know how many people are visiting your site can help you create strategies for the future. There are a few options for generating this information – the easiest is adding functionality to your website so that you can log in and see a concise breakdown of the analytical information. You may, however, already be using tools such as Google Analytics and we can integrate these into the Dashboard of your website.

As well as providing analytical feedback, we can connect your website to any social channels you manage. If required, we can create automatic feeds from these. Alongside this, if required, we’ll also install and manage SEO plugins which will boost your rankings. Another key factor in search engine rankings is the responsive nature of your website (how it appears on various devices: laptops, tablets and phones, for example). Google has recently started downgrading non-responsive websites. All the websites we create are responsive.

Giving you a secure website

website design security

While no website is ever 100% secure we take measures to protect you. As standard on all our hosted packages we can provide an ‘HTTPS’ connection. The ‘S’ standing for Secure. Here is Google’s reasoning behind why all website should be HTTPS. As well as feeling more secure yourself any visitors of a non-secure site will be getting more warning. This article explains how Google are approaching this. Potentially it could mean fewer visitors to your website. Google are also downgrading websites that aren’t secure in their rankings. As well as this measure we install plugins that provide Firewall protection and with the chosen package we can keep the core of your website and any plugins up-to-date on a weekly basis. If issues ever do occur we can provide daily backups if a site ever needs to be restored.

Enabling you the control to your own content

website design cms

Some clients simply want a static website to showcase their business with only the occasional update. Others would prefer, or require, their site updated regularly and would like the ability to do this themselves. All the websites we create have a Content Management System (CMS) built into them. We can give you unique log in details and the training for you to update all aspects of your website. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time or inclination to update the website yourself, then there are options for us to do this for you.

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