Our Content Management System (CMS)

We use a combination of WordPress and intuitive WordPress templates to make updating our clients’ websites easy. The main template we use (called Divi) allows users to log in and create or update content in both the back-end and front-end. This is a really useful tool for people who don’t want to code or worry too much about technical considerations. At its most basic it allows for simple text and image updates but will also allow for more complex animations, transitions and layout options. Below, I’ve outlined a few examples of each method (front and back-end) and also some of what can be achieved.

1Front End text edits

We can provide our clients with log-in details that include a unique URL and credentials. Once logged in the user can make changes to the web page, and in most cases, the website text can be amended or added to by simply typing into the browser.

Below you can see a screenshot of this post which shows the section (blue), column (green) and module (grey).

Click the image to see how easy it is to update the text.

CMS text amends

2Back end block editor

Some people prefer editing in the back end using a block-editor. While this view doesn’t give the appearance of the actual page view the blocks can represent the elements on the page. Pages are organised into Sections that contain columns, that themselves contain modules (text, images, sliders etc). Below is a screenshot showing the block-editor for the home page of this website.

The section shown here shows the page title, the slider, title (text module), Brighton Website Design (image module), intro text and the home page gallery showing four images (gallery module). You’ll also see it’s possible to switch between views (standard editor and frontend).

Brighton Website Design CMS

3It’s your choice

The method you choose is up to you. I tend to use a combination of the two depending on what’s required. When I’m building a new site/page I’ll tend to use the backend editor. When I’m duplicating or amending content, I’ll use the frontend. Whatever you choose, If you were to create a website with us, we’d show you how to take control of your website. This could involve a call or meeting to guide you through the steps involved or it might be that we create a tutorial document that you can refer to when necessary.

I hope this helps explain how easy it can be to update and add to the websites we design. Please get in touch for more information.