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Covid and us

Like many small businesses, the pandemic had quite an impact on Brighton Website Design. As well as having to work from home, the uncertainty and lockdowns led to a tapering off in business and enquiries.

This is understandable as many of the clients we work with are either small businesses or start-ups and it was a time of caution and uncertainty.

Thankfully, it seems there’s a growing confidence, and interestingly, there seems to be an increasing number of people looking to start new ventures. It’s been a time for many to reflect on the way they work and the nature of their work.

A few of our new clients include a Sussex-based micro-farm, a youth rugby coaching set-up and a Hove-based Homeopath. Their new sites can be found here:


Hove Garden Homeopathy

Web Design
Hove Garden Homeopathy Web Design Home 1


Web Design and booking system
Grow2Perform Rugby Coaching Website Design Home

High View Farmstead

Web Design
High View Farmstead web design home page

If you’re considering starting something new or want to refresh your existing identity or web design, please get in touch using the form below or through our contact page.

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