SEO Website improvements

While SEO requires careful management and good content creation, there are some basic steps we take to improve our client’s SEO. Key to this is research and how to place focus on certain keywords. Below we’ve listed the steps we can take to provide a good SEO foundation.

1– Optimisation and Analysis

We can use our SEO tool to run an audit on your site. This will provide any key errors, warnings and suggestions to make key improvements to the website. This could include improved optimisation, better use of H tags, anchor text, title lengths and issues with links. We can also run audits on your competitor websites to see how they compare.

SEO - Website Audit

2– Keyword Research

There is no point optimising your website design and focusing content on specific keywords if no one is searching for them! Based on your business or organisation, we can look at what kinds of areas you’ll be focussing on. We can then agree on a set of keywords and research these to see the monthly average search volume. We can also add geographic variables to this research if targeting individuals in specific locations is important. Keyword research can also be done on your competitor websites.

SEO - Keyword Analysis

3– Content suggestions

Based on the collected research we can make content suggestions, including images, heading and body text, meta descriptions, categories and H-tags. There are tools we can use to analyse things like keyword density and the overall use of H-tags across your website.

4– Monitoring

Obviously, rankings can fluctuate. We can provide reporting tools to monitor the position of your website, be that a positive or negative change. This means you can see the impact your changes are making, where you need to emphasise changes or additions to your web content and how you’re faring against your competition.

SEO - Website rank position

5– Tools and Plugins

We’ll put a suite of tools directly on to your website. When you log in you’ll be able to see the strength of your content against the focus keywords. You’ll also be able to make SEO changes directly to your pages and posts and see feedback to these changes or additions in real-time.

SEO - Website keyword tool

Other considerations: There are other factors that effect a website SEO and ranking. These include speed and optimisation (covered in our next post), Domain authority, links to and from your site and keeping your website content fresh and relevant. If the area in which you’re looking to optimise and improve ranking in is a competitive one, you may also want to consider paying for keywords using Google adwords. As well as the five points above we’ll be able to put a strategy together to cover these considerations.

Main photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash