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Just 38% of micro-businesses (those with fewer than nine employees) actually have a website*. This lack of digital presence could have a serious negative effect on these businesses productivity and growth.

Micro-businesses are worth £763 billion to the economy and getting online and providing a digital presence can boost performance by an average of 14%**.

We can help! We’ll be able to create a website design, manage and update the site for you, as well as creating a social media presence and campaign. We can offer a variety of options, that could either allow you complete control over the look and feel of your website design, or you instruct us to create this for you.

As well as creating a website design, we’ll make sure the site is secure and mobile friendly. Of the micro-businesss who stated they had a website, 53% claimed their site was mobile-friendly. With over 50% of website now visited using mobile devices, this could have a negative impact, both on customer experience but also SEO. Read more here and use the linked tool to test your website.

*sourced from a 123 reg survey in September 2016

** according to market researcher YouGov

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