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Business for Good

We recently became a member of The Good Business Club. Based in Brighton and founded by Sara Osterholzer and Ruth Anslow the idea is to inspire, support and connect local change-makers through a network of like-minded people.

Following a meeting with Sara, it seemed like a good idea to connect with, and potentially offer our services to, people and organisations who are ‘doing business for good’. We’ve had plenty of experience of providing web and graphic design to charities and individuals with inspiring stories. Joining the club seemed like a good way of connecting with more people doing good work in and around Brighton and Hove.

Since joining, we’ve already been put in touch with organisations looking for website design for their projects. The Good Business Club runs support events with members as well as informal meetups to introduce members to each other. We’re looking forward to connecting with more like-minded business leaders at their upcoming meetup.

It was great to connect with Andy as we had been getting requests from our community for support with web design and wanted to find someone in the city who had the interest and understanding of working with businesses that are having a positive impact in our communities and on the environment. As well as referring our members to Brighton Website Design, we look forward to collaborating on content pieces and events together to make it easier for all businesses to have websites that help they put their messages across impactfully. Sara, The Good Business Club.

Interested in joining the club?

The Good Business Club offer various membership packages starting at £10/month. So if you run a business that has a purpose beyond making profit and are looking for business support or want to work with more purpose-led businesses in Brighton and Hove, join the community

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