Web design and build process

Each project we approach is different. However, we thought it might be useful to outline the path we undertook in the web design and build for dignify.eu. This example might help shed some light on the process of going from no name, no identity and no website to creating all three (in the space of about two weeks!). The ‘Dignify’ evening is a fundraising event to raise support for an existing charity, Refugee Support. They wanted to create a separate brand and site to focus fundraising efforts with the possibility of expanding into larger and more frequent events in the future.

1 Name and Domain

We were approached by a friend, Paul Hutchings of Refugee Support, to see if we’d be able to help brand the fundraising evening (as yet without a name). We’d worked with Paul before providing pro bono work on a range of graphic design projects. As we wanted to help, we offered to create a bespoke website! That evening we were also accompanied by another friend who happened to be a writer. Together we came up with a number of options for the event title and strapline. Alongside the consideration of the name we also had to check a relevant domain was available. In the end, it was decided that ‘Dignify | Great Music, Great Cause’ worked and the dignify.eu domain was available.

2 Logo Design

If no existing branding or logo exist we tend to use this as the starting point for any design work. Getting the right look and feel of the identity can help inform the web design.

We began by sketching and proposing a few ideas:

Dignify Logo Design

Initial sketches showing connectivity between the ‘i’ characters

3 Home page design

We’d already discussed with Refugee Support that a simple landing page would be a good option. We developed the logo and showed it in situ with a proposed web design (with the main background panel showing a striking exterior shot of the venue). We also showed how a couple of colour options could work.

Initial home page designs

Initial home page designs showing logo and colour variants

4Website build and content

Once a logo and home page design had been agreed, we sought out additional content to create the fully functional website. We developed the site on one of our development servers and put up a holding page at the actual domain.

Once we started receiving text and images we developed the home page further incorporating three main blocks into the design: The Cause, The Venue and The Night. This simply presented information showed why the fundraising was important, where the event would take place (including directions) and what acts would be performing.

Dignify design | Additional information

The three main sections of information on the home page

5Sub pages and functionality

The main design page features the artists who are performing at the event. This includes photos, a bio and social links for each artist.

As well as providing the information we integrated the Eventbrite system into a separate page, meaning visitors could purchase tickets without leaving the website.

Dignify tickets page

Dignify Eventbrite tickets page integrated into the site

We also created a simple contact form for people to seek more information.


Once the site was approved on the development server it was migrated to the live domain. Here’s the porfolio web design item.

Dignify Web Design and Build
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