Self-service WordPress websitesCMS WordPress Sites

Self-service CMS WordPress sites is a new service we can provide. We appreciate that many people want to have full control over the content and style of their websites. However, they may not want the hassle of installing the content management system, theme, organise the hosting and security management of their site. We also include a suite of useful plugins such as security and image optimisation tools.

The idea behind the service is we take care of the technicalities, meaning the fist step you need to take is to populate and design your website. We use an intuitive, responsive template that allows both front-end and back-end editing. It’s also really well-documented online meaning if you ever require an answer to a problem it’s probably out there.

We could explain more here, but instead, we’ve created a new website to succinctly explain (we hope) what the service entails and the options available. Visit the website here or get in touch if you require a full web design service.