Website SecurityWebsite Security

No website is ever 100% secure but Brighton Website Design put in place a number of measures to give improved security over many other websites. For the websites that we host, we use a management tool that alerts us to any out-of-date installations and allows us to update all our hosted websites from one place. We do this at least once a week so that any known vulnerabilities to the core of the site or any plugins are addressed quickly.

We also install a security plugin that further enhances security. It alerts a registered user to any attempted log-in, allows us to block specific IP addresses, creates a Firewall and provides a buffer for any known vulnerabilities that haven’t yet been updated in the core or plugins of the website.

In addition to added security, we can activate daily monitoring tools and add daily backups for quick website restoration. Finally, we make sure all of our websites are HTTPS adding an additional layer of protection.

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