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Simon Peters needed a new identity and web design to launch his Nutritional Therapist business. We developed the identity first and then sourcing stock images, developed design options for the website. We showed these on a development server and, as is typical, showed several options for a home page and a typical page. After choosing a preferred route we then developed the design and, after approval, put the rest of the site together, including contact forms and blog styles.

Included in the requirements for the site were a contact form and a more detailed questionnaire. We created this using a form builder that included radio buttons, drop downs and selections containing conditional logic.

As well as creating the logo design and website design, we were able to source relevant images and edit this for use on the site. We also used our SEO tools and research to focus on certain keywords, using an SEO plugin. We also provided links to suitable resources so that Simon could begin enhancing the website SEO himself.

Sp Nutrition | web and logo design | home
Sp Nutrition | web and logo design | form
Sp Nutrition | web and logo design | fees
Sp Nutrition | web and logo design | blog

Andy knows his stuff and is efficient and responsive, enjoyed working with him again this year on a entirely new website

Simon Peters

Director, SP Nutrition