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The Wigs and Makeup Studio | London

Studio and Online courses teaching wig-making and makeup skills

The Wigs and Makeup Studio  website was one of the first sites we created. Having been fit for purpose for over five years it was time for an update. The new site also needed to incorporate a Learning Management System (LMS) so that The Wigs and Makeup Studio (WAM) could start selling online courses. We used this LMS in conjunction with the WordPress eCommerce solution WooCommerce.  Obviously, this partly came about because of the pandemic but it also allowed WAM to provide their expertise to a global audience.

WAM started creating training videos independently and we took and managed these, incorporating them into a LMS system that allowed selling individual online courses, as well as a bundled courses (the Ultimate Beginners Course). The LMS system would allow global students to sign up online as well as follow a progression of video lessons accompanied with course materials and notes.

However, the new website also needed to support their popular London-based studio course. They also wanted to retain much of the branding we had originally created while, at the same time, modernising and freshening the brand.

The next step is to create an integrated social platform to connect the students, tutors and create a supportive online community!


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