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Sasha Bates | Brighton

Personal Website

Sasha has just completed work on her book, Languages of Loss. The book tells the story of how Sasha’s life life as a psychotherapist screeched to a halt when her husband, Bill Cashmore, died unexpectedly. It is her attempt to understand what happened in the aftermath – would what she had learned from her studies and work as a psychotherapist help her through the overwhelming pain of her grief?

Sasha wanted a website that had a number of requirements. She wanted a website to promote awareness of her book, her experience, to pay homage to her husband Bill and the award set up in his name, as well as give some personal and professional background information. The site also needed to function as a blog and for a way of Sasha to stay connected to people who were also affected by Bill’s death.

We created this personal website to help reflect Sasha’s personality and her message. We also added functionality to allow Sasha to keep the site up-to-date herself as well as incorporating a newsletter so she could easily publish content from the site.